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Property Information Form

Property Information Form

Are you ready to sell your home or considering it? Want to know what kind of solutions we have in store for you? We are ready and waiting to help you. Fill out the form below to provide us with all the pertinent information needed for us to make the best offers possible for your home. We will review the information and respond to you with a timely offer.




*Items marked with a asterisk are required. If your are unable to answer a required question, give us your best guess or enter a "?", "NA", "0", "don't know", etc.

Your Contact Information

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Property Information

Year Built
Square Footage
How long have you owned the home?
What is the current condition of the home?
What kind of repairs does the house need?
How much do you think the repairs will cost?

Your Situation

Do you want to sell the house?
Is there anyone living in the house?
If occupied, would you like to stay or move?
Have you attempted to sell the house?
Is the house currently listed?
What is your reason for contacting us?


Financing Info

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Interest Rate
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Payment Current?
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Are your property taxes included in your monthly mortgage payment?
Are there any liens or judgments on the property?
Have you received a foreclosure notice?


Price & Terms (Fill out this section only if you may want to sell.)

How much are you asking us to pay for the home?
How did you determine your asking price?
Would you sell your house for what you owe on it?
Would you be willing to receive any of your equity, if applicable, in the form of monthly payments?
Would you be willing to sell your house by allowing us to take over your monthly mortgage payments?
If we were able to buy your house in 7 days or less, what would be the least you would accept?
How did you hear about us?
Do you have any questions or comments you would like to share with us?


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